Roman Glass Butterfly Necklace


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Bohemian necklace, handmade using 2,000-year-old Roman Glass beads, a patinaed brass butterfly and soft deerskin leather. 

The beads were carved from ancient, broken vessels such as perfume bottles, water jugs, plates and cups. These various glass vessels were traded eastward along the silk road trade route from Rome to the East, and many fragments are found in Afghanistan and the Middle East and repurposed into fine glass beads. The Afghani people are known for their expert hand carving of small stone and glass beads, with each bead displaying small irregularities, which along with their old age and significant wear makes them unique and beautiful.

This necklace features a delicate brass butterfly pendant as its focal point, hand aged with a verdigris patina. The Roman Glass beads, in colors ranging from aqua to turquoise, dark blue and pale yellow, were combined with faceted gold Pyrite gemstones. A super-soft deerskin leather strap in a vibrant tan color finishes the necklace and feels wonderfully soft against your neck. The button and loop closure adds to the necklace's boho chic vibe.

Measures just over 18" (46 cm) in total length.

Artisan jewelry, handmade with top-quality materials, for jewelry that lasts. 

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