Roman Glass Bracelet


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Introducing our Roman Glass Bracelet - a timeless masterpiece that tells a story of history, elegance, and enduring love.

This exquisite bracelet was handcrafted with ancient Roman Glass beads, each fashioned from 2,000-year-old vessels discovered along the storied Silk Road. These translucent beads feature a palette of colors, ranging from serene blues, deep teals, regal navy, to captivating aqua greens.

Nestled between these ancient treasures are antique pewter beads, creating a harmonious fusion between antiquity and contemporary allure. Fastening your bracelet securely is an antique pewter clasp.

The Roman Glass Bracelet is fully adjustable. A delicate extender chain, composed of elegant stamped links, ensures a perfect fit, from small to extra large (see bracelet size chart in the last image). The bracelet is finished with a matching dangle that sways gracefully with your every move.

Nestled amidst this beautiful arrangement is a small, genuine sterling silver Mermaid pendant, bearing a heartfelt inscription on its back - "Love Bravely." This enchanting detail serves as a reminder that love transcends time and place, just as the Roman Glass beads themselves bear witness to centuries of history.

With top-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, the Roman Glass Bracelet is more than just jewelry--it's a tangible connection to the past, a testament to the enduring power of love, and an exquisite accessory for those who appreciate the artistry of time.

One of a kind. See the matching necklace and earrings here.

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