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About Ever Designs

Noriane Ethington, Owner, Ever Designs JewelryThanks for visiting Ever Designs Jewelry! My name is Noriane and I make hypoallergenic jewelry with a boho chic vibe! I hand make each piece with great care and only use top-quality materials in all my jewelry making.

I started making jewelry many years ago because I was allergic to the metals used in fashion jewelry and could never find anything fun to wear. My jewelry designs are all hypoallergenic, made with metals that last and won't lose their finish

I have been a jewelry designer since 2003 and have achieved tremendous success thanks to superior products and excellent customer service. If you live in Utah, you can often find me at the top summer art festivals there. I have customers all over the world and am always happy to ship my jewelry internationally.

I grew up in the French Alps, later moved to Paris and now live in beautiful Utah (USA). I have also lived in England, New York and Chicago and have traveled all over the world. I find the inspiration for the designs I make in the places I visit and in nature. My love for all things bohemian, weathered and turquoise has no limits..!

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I will get back to you promptly. I welcome your questions and suggestions!

♥ Noriane