Sunshine in my Soul Necklace


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This multi-colored gemstone necklace and its rusted iron sun pendant will be your new favorite accessory! Easy to match, easy to take on and off, and bursting with personality!

Colorful gemstones in earthy tones were hand knotted onto strong nylon cord. Elegant antique copper chain links connect the stones to the pendant. The rusted iron pendant's sun cutout was carved using a blow torch, leaving cool scorch marks around its edges.  

No clasp! Fits right over your head, making it a breeze to take on and off. Pair it with jeans and a flowy white shirt, a sundress, a simply tee...the possibilities are endless.

Measures 28" plus the 3" pendant.

Modern bohemian jewelry, handmade using top-quality materials, for jewelry that lasts.

One of a kind. Snatch it before someone else does!

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