Sunshine in my Soul Boho Necklace


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Beautiful bohemian statement necklace features a swirly sun-shaped pendant and crocheted Pyrite gemstones, marrying bling and rustic for a stylish boho chic effect. The rusted iron sun pendant was cut with a blow torch, leaving cool scorch marks along its edges. Faceted Pyrite gemstones resemble metal beads but will never fade or tarnish. They were tightly crocheted onto super-strong brown nylon cord. A sparkling rhinestone bead connects the necklace to the pendant. Button and loop closure.

This necklace measures 18" long + the 3.5" pendant (46 + 9 cm)

Great neutral necklace, easy to match.

Artisan jewelry, handmade in the USA with top-quality materials, for jewelry that lasts. 

One of a kind.

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