Steampunk Necklace Watch


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The perfect boho chic accessory, this vintage style round pocket watch dangles from a long brown leather necklace. This unique watch rotates on its antique brass support, revealing the watch's mechanical gears on the back.

The necklace was handmade with butter-soft deerskin leather in a dark brown color. Very soft and comfortable to wear. Button and loop closure, tied together with brown waxed linen cord for a cool bohemian vibe. 

Neutral enough to match all your outfits, this necklace will easily fit over your head, making it easy to take on and off. On an average sized person, the watch will hang right below your ribcage, at stomach level. Distance from button (top) to end of chain links (bottom) is 21" (50 cm).

The watch is encased in a round, ball-shaped glass and brass case. Battery is brand new and replaceable.  

Limited edition.

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