Memorabilia Necklace


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Perfect little boho necklace to remember the best vacation ever! Wear as is, or simply replace the contents of the memorabilia case with your own mementos.

Easy breezy...slip this necklace on over your head and adjust the length by sliding the silver bead along the leather. Can be worn long or short depending on your mood.

The necklace is made of soft brown leather and finished with two silver beads on the ends, to grace the back of your neck. The pendant is a silver metal case with a glass front. Use a thin metal object (such as a screwdriver) to pop the stainless steel back off and replace the contents with your own cherished memories.

Max length = 30" + the 1 3/4" pendant (76+ 5 cm).

Artisan jewelry, handmade with love in the USA.

One of a kind.


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