Long Silk Tassel Necklace - Abyss


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Nothing gives life to a boho outfit like a long tassel necklace! This magical little bohemian necklace features strands of tattered, recycled sari silk in a variety of blue hues, casually tied with brown leather around a brass keyhole component that was aged with a turquoise verdigris patina.

Antique copper chain links connect to butter-soft, brown deerskin leather and adjusts in length to match your moods and your outfits! Simply slide the little brass bead along the leather strands to adjust the necklace's length. Slip it on and off effortlessly (no clasp to fiddle with)!

You'll love how lightweight this long necklace is! It adjusts anywhere between 13" and 56" in length, plus the 9" tassel.

Artisan-made jewelry, handmade with top-quality materials.

One of a kind.  

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