Flower Child Bohemian Necklace


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Wearing jewelry is about expressing who you are, and this awesome statement necklace will do just that! Unleash your inner flower child with this groovy necklace, reminiscent of 70's fashion trends, that features a rusted iron flower, Turquoise and leather. 

The pendant was cut with a blow torch, leaving cool scorch marks around its edges. An oval Turquoise gemstone offers a stunning contrast and adds to the necklace's bohemian character. Detailed antiqued copper chain links connect the pendant to the leather. Love the mixed metals!

Adjustable necklace--wear it long or short, depending on your mood or outfit! Simply slide the little pewter bead along the soft brown leather to adjust the necklace's length. Max. length = 34" + the 3.5" pendant.

Hypoallergenic artisan jewelry, handmade with top-quality materials, for jewelry that lasts.

Limited edition. 


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