Unpolished Pyrite Bracelet


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Bursting with personality, this bracelet features semi-precious Pyrite gemstones that are polished on 3 facets and rough on one side, revealing the stone's glittery insides. The shiny silver stones are hand-knotted with contrasting brown nylon cord for a cool rustic vibe, and the bracelet fastens by clasping the oversize pewter clasp onto the brown leather loop. Detailed pewter accents add to this bracelet's bohemian charm.

Sadly, the pictures don't do this bracelet justice! It is very shiny and glittery in the light.

Wear this bracelet alone or combine it with other silver and brown bracelets for a cool, upscale boho chic vibe (see related products below). This is a great every-day bracelet.

Don't let the look of those stones fool you! This is a lightweight bracelet (1 oz / 28 grams).

This bracelet will fit a small to medium-sized wrist. One of a kind. Snatch it before someone else does.


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