Unisex Money Leather Cuff Bracelet - For Men and Women

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Perfect for a night out on the town, these unisex leather cuffs were designed to hold money discreetly in a zippered compartment on the inside of the cuff. They are made of soft, supple Italian leather and feature a cool rocker cross design in a variety of contrasting leather colors. 

Does that ugly Fitbit plastic bracelet cramp your style? Place your Fitness tracker in the zippered pouch and wear this stylish leather cuff instead! (I've tested it and it works like a charm!)

These leather cuffs come with two sets of snaps to make them adjustable. Two sizes available: Small-Medium (s-m) or Medium-Large (m-l).

Each cuff is a one-of-a-kind bracelet that cannot be replicated. Please refer to the numbered photos to determine which cuff to order. Use the bracelet size chart to determine your wrist size. If you will be using your cuff as a Fitbit holder, order one size up.

Makes a great gift!

Limited edition. 

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