The Infinity Necklace TM

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An original design and best seller since 2003, this lariat style necklace wraps effortlessly around your neck. It was handmade with hundreds of tiny silver-lined glass beads and finished with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Versatile necklace can be worn short, long, tied at chest level, or even as a bracelet! Looks great with black and brown outfits.

Popular bridal accessory.

This lightweight necklace is available in silverlined clear, red, amber, straw gold, black and pink. Please select your prefered color from the pull-down menu.

To ensure a perfect fit, please select your neck size, or measure the base of your neck and leave me a message with your order. I will make this necklace to fit you. (Use a flexible tape measure, or measure the base of your neck with a piece of string, then lay it on top of a ruler to see how long it is)

To wear, fold the necklace in half, place the crystal ends at chest level and wrap the other end of the necklace around your neck. Slip the crystal ends through the loop formed by the necklace fold and voila!


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