Mystic Meadows Leather Cuff

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Introducing the "Mystic Meadow Cuff" – a captivating fusion of timeless elegance and rustic charm! Handcrafted with soft, supple brown leather collected during a recent trip to Argentina, this bracelet was slightly distressed around the edges, lending it a rustic allure that tells a story of adventures untold. 

With its verdigris-patinaed brass centerpiece resembling a secret garden in full bloom, the Mystic Meadow Cuff captures the essence of a timeless treasure unearthed. 

This adjustable bracelet was designed to accommodate wrists of all sizes. It measures 6.5" on the smallest setting and 8" on the largest.

Lightweight and comfortable, this is an accessory that you'll forget you're wearing until you catch admiring glances! Wear it alone or combine it with other bracelets--the possibilities are endless.

One of a kind. 

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