Mosaic Earrings - Jilly

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Introducing my enchanting line of Mosaic Earrings – bohemian-inspired masterpieces that capture the essence of artisan craftsmanship and vibrant individuality. 

Each pair of Mosaic Earrings is a labor of love, painstakingly hand-beaded with a riot of colors arranged in a mesmerizing geometric pattern within a golden brass frame. These tiny glass seed beads come together to form a tapestry reminiscent of stained glass windows in an old cathedral. A small fan-shaped component dances playfully from the bottom of each earring, catching the light with your every move.

The Jilly earrings feature a lovely pattern of soft hues- turquoise, lavender, mustard yellow and pale green. They measure just under 2" long. Hypoallergenic 14-carat gold fill hooks ensure that these earrings won't irritate even the most sensitive ears, or lose their finish.

Although visible in close-up photos, the clear thread that weaves this mosaic magic together is barely visible to the naked eye. 

Let these earrings be your reminder to embrace the colorful tapestry of life and celebrate the artistry that resides within each of us. Wear them proudly, and let your inner free spirit shine through with every sway and twinkle of these boho treasures.

One of a kind.

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