Monogram Recycled Silver Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

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Limited edition! Monogram bracelets, hand shaped and hand stamped using 99% pure recycled silver. Combine them with any of my ribbons--sari silk or finished-edge ribbon, choose from 36 beautiful colors--and create a wrap bracelet as unique as you are! 

I made these ribbon wrap bracelets for an art show and only have 3 left--one letter S and two letter M.

Part of my best-selling collection of Ribbon Wrap Bracelets. Sari silk ribbons have frayed edges, and finished-edge ribbons have contrasting stitching. 

My silk ribbons are handmade with 100% silk, imported from India (fair trade) and hand dyed with beautiful, vibrant colors. They measure a generous 46 to 52" (ribbon length varies), allowing you to wrap them luxuriously around your wrist many times. Colors are steam set to ensure they won't fade or bleed. Most sari silk ribbons will have a seam or two in them, which is common with recycled sari silk and easy to hide. The silk is very breathable, and you will love how this lightweight bracelet feels against your skin.

One size fits all.


How to Wear
Wearing this bracelet is deceptively simple! Follow the tutorial in the last picture, which is also printed on the back of the card your bracelet comes wrapped around.

Care Instructions 
To refresh the silk ribbon, hand wash it in cold water using a mild soap. Air dry. Iron on lowest heat setting if necessary.

These bracelets make a unique gift idea! See my entire line of Ribbon Wrap Bracelets and pick the design that speaks to your soul.

Artisan-made jewelry, handmade in the USA. Limited edition.


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