Maui - Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

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Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a Hawaiian beach, the warm wind blowing in your hair. Okay, now back to reality! Inspired by the colorful flowers found on the Hawaian islands, this lovely silk ribbon bracelet fastens with a flower-shaped silver toggle clasp.

Customize this bracelet by choosing from 18 ribbon colors! See all the available ribbon colors and please make a selection from the pull-down menu (colors shown in photos are "Sunrise" and "Seafoam"). 

PLEASE NOTE: If a ribbon color isn't available from the pull-down menu, it is out of stock.

Ever Designs' silk ribbons are very soft, with stitched edges to ensure their lasting beauty. They are handmade with 100% silk crepe and measure a generous 38-46" (97-117 cm) in length (ribbon length varies), allowing you to wrap them around your wrist luxuriously many times. Each ribbon is hand dyed individually and no two are exactly alike. Colors are steam set to ensure they won't fade or bleed.

The high-quality flower charm is made of lead-free and nickel-free Tibetan silver. Ever Designs jewelry is hypoallergenic (it will not irritate your skin).

One size fits all.

How to Wear
Wearing this bracelet is deceptively simple! Place the flower charm on top of your wrist, wrap the ribbon in a criss-cross motion, then insert the toggle bar inside the opening in the flower charm. Pull the end of the ribbon to adjust this bracelet to your wrist size.

Care Instructions
To refresh the silk ribbon, hand wash the ribbon in cold water using a mild soap (i.e. ivory dish soap or baby shampoo). Roll up ribbon in a towel to remove excess water. Air dry.

As with all Ever Designs piece, this bracelet comes in an elegant satin pouch, ready for gift giving.

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