Luxe Beaded Fringe Earrings "Lavender Fields"


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Luxe beaded fringe earrings with an upscale modern bohemian vibe. These earrings are the product of hours of intricate hand-beading work--a true labor of love! The top cylinder was beaded using gold Japanese glass seed beads with contrasting black edges. The long beaded tassels feature a trendy ombré gradient of blues, purples and greens. Very chic and guaranteed to earn you tons of compliments!

14-carat gold-fill ear hooks ensure that these earrings won't irritate even the most sensitive ears.

Measure 3" in total length (7.5 cm)

Hypoallergenic jewelry, handmade using top-quality materials, for jewelry that lasts.

One of a kind. Snatch them before someone else does!

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