Love Sparkles Boho Necklace


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Artisan necklace, featuring a rusted iron LOVE pendant, recycled glass beads in a gorgeous aqua color, sparkling Swarovski crystal components and soft brown leather. The letters on the square rusted iron pendant were carved using a blow torch, leaving cool scorch marks around their edges.  

A rhinestone ball and a yellow-green gemstone add to this necklace's bohemian character. The blue recycled glass beads were brought back from one of my recent trips to Africa.

Adjustable length--simply slide the little pewter bead along the leather to adjust the necklace's length, allowing you to wear it short one day and long the next day!

Hypoallergenic metals will not lose their finish or irritate your skin. 

One of a kind little beauty, handmade in the USA.

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