Leather Fringe Tassel Bohemian Necklace


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Fringe is this year's biggest trend, and this long bohemian necklace is about to become your favorite new accessory! Lightweight and bursting with personality, this necklace has that care-free, upscale boho chic vibe. Fits right over your head and dresses up all your casual outfits.

Love the mix of noble and rustic materials! (pearls, leather, brown cord) Satin cream Swarovski pearls and antiqued silver accent beads are tightly crocheted onto durable brown nylon string. A wire-wrapped, butter-soft deerksin leather strap completes the necklace and provides a smooth feel against the back of your neck.  The brown tassel is made of the same, soft deerskin leather. A cluster of charms, made up of a dragonfly and pearl drop, dangle from one of the necklace's sides.

Materials: Nickel and lead-free pewter, sterling silver, cream Swarovski pearls, nylon cord and deerskin leather.

Measures 35" long + the 4.5" tassel (90 cm + 11 cm)

One of a kind. Snatch it before someone else does.

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