Crocheted Gemstone Mermaid Necklace


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Colorful gemstones, crystals and pearls were crocheted together to make this versatile bohemian necklace. The necklace's focal point is an antiqued copper mermaid pendant, aged with a verdigris patina.

The oval pendant was cast to depict an amazingly detailed mermaid (love the scales on her tail!) swimming in a swirly sea of waves in the front, and Jean-Jacques Cousteau's famous quote "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever" on the back.  The pendant connects to the necklace with a tied piece of natural dyed brown leather lace, adding to its boho chic character.

Button and crocheted loop closure. Constructed with extra-strong nylon jeweler's cord, for jewelry that lasts. This necklace measures 19" long + the 45 mm pendant.

Add flair and personality to any outfit! Pair this necklace with denim, a white shirt, a sundress...the possibilities are endless.

Artisan jewelry, handmade with top-quality materials. One of a kind.


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