Chunky Turquoise Necklace With Agate Pendant


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Make a bold style statement with this chunky Turquoise necklace and its stunning Agate slice pendant! A timeless piece that will not go out of style, this adjustable necklace contrasts large blue Turquoise nuggets against small orange Carnelian stones, which match the amber and brown in the pendant. Sterling silver and pewter accents throughout.

The translucent Agate pendant features a gradient of rings in shades of amber, light to dark brown and milky white, with rough, natural edges. The pendant measures approximately 3 x 1" (7.5 x 4 cm).

This necklace adusts anywhere from 16 to 19" in length thanks to an elegant sterling silver chain, finished with a matching Carnelian stone to grace the back of your neck. Sterling silver clasp.

Wear this necklace with a white cotton tunic, jeans or a sundress...

One of a kind. 

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