African Safari Necklace


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Add a tribal vibe to your wardrobe with this elegant white tusk necklace! A must-have for this summer, this necklace is perfect to match that crisp linen shirt or that cute lacy top.

The necklace's focal point is a large, cream-colored marbled tusk, carved from bone, not Ivory (I would never use Ivory beads). Hand-knotted White Turquoise gemstones connect to soft suede leather straps to form this long necklace. The necklace adjusts by sliding the silver bead along the leather straps, allowing you to adjust it to the perfect length. Love the mix of silver and gold accents! The Jasper stone above the tusk matches the leather and the brown veins in the Turquoise beads beautifully. 

The pendant is meant to dangle right below your chest, although it can be ajusted to be worn short as well. Maximum length = 30" plus the 4" pendant (76 + 11 cm)

Artisan jewelry, handmade with quality hypoallergenic materials that will not lose their finish.

One of a kind. Snatch it before someone else does.


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