Mehndi - Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracelet


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Bohemian silk ribbon wrap bracelet, featuring a beautiful silver medallion, oval shaped and artistically carved with designs resembling a delicate Mehndi tattoo.

This silk ribbon bracelet comes with your choice of 18 awesome silk ribbon colors. Colors shown in the pictures are "Navajo" (turquoise and brown, with contrasting stitching) and "Whiskey", a warm blend of mauve, terracotta and tan with contrasting stitching.

extra silk ribbons for just $10.00 each and switch them out to match your outfit or your mood! Just untie the knots, slip the ribbon out and replace with another ribbon. 

Ever Designs' silk ribbons are very soft, with stitched edges to ensure their lasting beauty. They are handmade with 100% silk crepe and measure a generous 38-46" (97-117 cm) in length (ribbon length varies), allowing you to wrap them around your wrist luxuriously many times. Each ribbon is hand dyed individually and no two are exactly alike. Colors are steam set to ensure they won't fade or bleed. Silk is very lightweight and breathable, and you will love how this bracelet feels against your skin in the summer.

One size fits all. 

How to Wear
Wearing this bracelet is deceptively simple! Follow this nifty Silk Ribbon Bracelet Tutorial (which is also printed on the back of the card your bracelet comes with), or tightly wrap the long end of the ribbon bracelet around your wrist, ensuring the charm ends up on top of your wrist. Tie the ends together or tuck them under.

Care Instructions 
To refresh the silk ribbon, hand wash the ribbon in cold water using a mild soap (i.e. ivory dish soap or baby shampoo). Roll up ribbon in a towel to remove excess water. Air dry. Iron on lowest heat setting if necessary.

As with all Ever Designs piece, this bracelet comes in an elegant satin pouch, ready for gift giving.

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